We build chatbots that provide business customers with a single point of contact, all the way to resolution.

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Africa sales queries: Kaveer Beharee
Europe sales queries: Carrie-Jean Walker
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Our chatbots incorporate Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and blockchain technologies to deliver services that will excite customers at a fraction of current communications and service costs, and eliminate the need for one-way communication channels like letters, statements, SMSes and emails from unattended boxes. We truly strive to make EVERY consumer engagement count through our chatbots.
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Deep learning
Our chatbots can learn up to 500% quicker than other chatbots via neural networks as opposed to more common supervised machine-learning.

This means we can deploy, adapt and learn much quicker, while providing a rewarding customer experience and reducing business risks.

Deep-learning also enables us to deploy our chatbots in local vernacular language.
Make every conversation count
We handle conversational data as well as most companies handle numeric data. We place a strong emphasis on natural language processing (NLP) technology that breaks down conversations into data snippets, to better understand people which it then uses as commands to execute complex tasks, or escalate issues.

Our technology also automate complex business processes from a simple conversation.
Robotic Process Automation (RPA)
Our chatbot technology aims to successfully close the conversation loop with a 100% success rate through machine-human collaboration and automation technologies - all driven by natural language customer engagement.

Once our chatbots trigger a ticket and escalates and issue, it tracks the ticket to resolution, to provide the customer with real-time updates on any outstanding query.

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