Our chatbot Simone doesn’t just chat with customers, she gets business done.

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Africa sales queries: Kaveer Beharee
Europe sales queries: Carrie-Jean Walker
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Simone is a platform-agnostic chatbot that autonomously executes or escalates and resolve all types customer queries at a fraction of current communications and customer service costs. Simone can effectively eliminate one-way communication channels like letters, statements, SMSes and emails from unattended boxes, while significantly enhancing customer service and communications.
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Financial services
Simone addresses the ‘service problem’ in intermediated financial services industry and is capable of handling most aftercare and ongoing client communications. Simone is designed to trigger workflows or escalate urgent customer issues with intermediaries or providers, while having complete oversight of all customer queries or complaints. Human-AI collaboration
Our state-of-the-art AI-Human-AI ‘hand-the-baton’ technology promotes seemless machine-human collaboration, that frees up people to focus on more challenging tasks, while AI handles repetitive and high volume tasks like customer interactions. Simone is the world’s first chatbot that can deliver and help a customer fill out an application form, so that you don’t have to. Simone predicts behaviour
Simone’s technology and conversion architecture is designed to predict consumer intent and behaviour. Whether you want to predict if your customer will miss an installment payment at the end of the month or if a patient is not properly managing a chronic disease, Simone provides businesses with incredible new insights into their customers that translate to bottom-line business outcomes.

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